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Thank you to all that attended the Cheyenne County Development Corporation (CCDC) Annual Meeting, held November 18th at the Majestic Restaurant. Many thanks to the Majestic Staff for the wonderful dinner and dessert.
New Officers elected for the coming year are President-Kary Zweygardt (Crossroads Studio), Vice-President-Bud Erskin (Majestic Truck Stop & Restaurant), Secretary-Rebecca Butler (Farm Bureau Financial) and Treasurer-Jason Padgett (Eagle Communications). Additional Board Members are Lila Whitmore (City of St. Francis) and Justin Culwell (Cornerstone Real Estate, LLC).
The big announcement of the evening was the upcoming fundraiser—CHEYENNEOPOLY. Working with a company that has been in business for over 34 years to produce a game, similar to Monopoly, but with local businesses participating, CCDC is taking orders for available spaces on the board. This is a unique fundraising program to promote Cheyenne County and the local business community. Everyone can participate—several sponsor levels. This is a great way for advertisers to get outstanding ad value –this advertising is permanent and targeted to the local families, alumni and guests in the area.
500 of these games will be ordered and sold for $30 each. Advanced game sales are encouraged. The ad deadline is January 10, 2020, in order to have games by March 29, 2020. Spaces range in price from $50.00-$500.00, so every business can participate, and are available now by contacting the CCDC Office at 785-332-3508 or director@ccdcks.com.
All Cheyenne County Businesses are encouraged to participate in this unique game for Cheyenne County. Welcome to the future CHEYENNEOPOLY.
Kade Wilcox with RURAL & REMOTE was here recently to speak with a group of residents interested in working from home, a co-working space, or coffee shop. There are several types of remote work-Technical, Professional and Support. If you think you might be interested in this type of career, or would like more information about Rural & Remote, please contact the Cheyenne County Development Corporation at director@ccdcks.com.
From the CCDC Board of Directors—Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Rural and Remote
Stay Home. Come Home.

You shouldn’t have to leave to achieve. Rural and Remote is about connecting people in rural communities to remote jobs as a way of creating pathways back home and opportunities for those who want to stay in their communities!

What is remote work?
Remote work is work done outside of a traditional office environment. It is work that does not require a commute or working from a centralized office. This could mean working from home, a co-working space, or a coffee shop.

We Make It Easy To Find Work You Love
It can seem daunting applying for a new career. Not to mention that you're interested in doing it in an innovative way (remotely). Don't worry — we have a simple process, and we'll walk you through from start to finish.

Types of Remote Work

These are jobs that require computer programming skills and are often software or web development jobs.

These types of jobs include things such as: marketing, sales, finance, education, medicine, and high level customer service type jobs.

These jobs include things such as executive assistants, admin support, data entry, and customer service.

If this type of career is of interest to you, please contact the Cheyenne County Development Corporation for more information at director@ccdcks.com.

Small Business Funding Event
u s small business administration
Meet the Lenders Matchmaking Event!

Is the thought of meeting multiple lenders just to find that perfect match for your small business needs overwhelming?

Are you tired of wasting an hour putting your best foot forward just to be met with heartbreak and rejection? Then we have the solution for you!

Meet the Lenders is a speed-dating style event where you can meet one-on-one with actual small business lenders in 10 minute intervals.

Our eligible lender-matches are looking for

Business Start-ups ♥ Business Expansions ♥ Working Capital ♥ Refinance ♥ Business Modernization ♥ Commercial Real Estate

Meet with one or try your luck with them all. Your perfect match may be from one of these participating lending institutions (Lenders may be different at each location):
USDA Rural Development Emprise Bank Grant County Bank
Bank of Hays First National Bank of Syracuse Landmark National Bank
Sunflower Bank Farmers Bank & Trust Garden City State Bank
Pioneer Country Development Frontier Financial Partners
Commerce Bank SCKEDD
Peoples State Bank Great Plains Development

Details for what may be the best date you'll have all year:


WHEN: Wednesday, November 20, 2019 from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm

WHERE: FHSU, Robbins Center Eagle Communications Hall, One Tiger Place, Hays, KS

COST: $20.00 that includes a boxed lunch

Arikaree Breaks Video
The Arikaree Breaks and other videos that were made by the Northwest Kansas Travel Council and produced by Martha Slater several years ago can be seen by visiting the website http://www.northwestkansas.org and hover over the 'Tours' link on the Menu to see links to all three videos.

VA Patients Approved
The Cheyenne County clinics are eligible to treat veterans. Veterans can call 1-885-722-2838 (press option 1 when asked if they are a VA patient, and then press 0) to speak with a representative so an appointment can be scheduled. More information can also be obtained on the hospital's facebook site.

"Kansas at Your Service"
"Kansas At Your Service"
The State of Kansas is pleased to announce a, FREE online customer service training class called "Kansas At Your Service". The need for customer service training has been discussed for several years by retail, lodging, and restaurant establishments. They needed and wanted something that worked and we believe we have developed such a tool.
Kansas' tourism industry is one of state's top employers and is a leading contributor to Kansas' great way of life. It encompasses careers in many fields including hotels, restaurants, museums, performing arts centers, convention centers, retail stores, campgrounds, state parks, national parks, visitor attractions, wineries, tour operators and many, many more professions. The continued success of the state's tourism industry directly depends on first class service that will make our visitors' Kansas experience memorable. That's where Kansas At Your Service comes in. The Kansas At Your Service system of customer service will provide the type of service that will keep visitors coming back to Kansas visit after visit.
The Kansas At Your Service program is a statewide customer service training certification program created to support the development of the tourism & hospitality industry through enhanced guest experiences. It provides statewide standardized customer service training, emphasizes the importance of quality customer service in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry, and equips employees statewide with tools and resources to better serve our visitors.
The web-based certification training, available in both English and Spanish, is offered at no charge and after completing the Kansas At Your Service online program a personalized certificate, which is recognized by employers throughout the state as a symbol of expertise in service and knowledge of the key success factors in Kansas' visitor industry, can be printed off.
Once the Kansas At Your Service hospitality course is completed, then the user will be able to move onto the regional destination courses. The Manhattan Convention and Visitors Bureau and Wetlands & Wildlife National Scenic Byway are the two destinations that have been instrumental in getting this program off the ground and running and each have the courses available. Once their regional courses are taken, a completion certificate will be available as well.
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism collaborated with Peter Starks of the Red Global Group, LLC to create motivating yet common sense training modules. The behavioral vignettes deal with those everyday "transactions" which either make or break an otherwise memorable experience. The modules bring it right home, demonstrating that service, attitude, attention and sincerity make the difference.
To take the Kansas At Your Service program or for more information visit: http://www.KansasAtYourService.com
Tourism Division, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
The official Kansas Tourism Web site

CCDC Board of Directors
The Cheyenne County Development Corporation 2019 Board of Directors are:
President: Kary Zweygardt
Vice-President: Tye Faulkender
Secretary: Lila Whitmore
Treasurer: Jason Padgett
Board Members: Dani Holtzworth
Dian Burns
Bud Erskin
Justin Culwell

Half Empty or Half Full
"Is your life half-empty or half-full? What if I chose to find and embrace the silver linings, the life lessons in disguise? What if I chose to let go of the baggage I have been carrying around? The choice in perception makes all the difference." ~ John J. Murphy

We are all blessed with an opportunity to bring greater joy and prosperity to this world. The hand we are dealt simply makes life interesting. The secret to it all is in how we perceive things. Is your life 'half-empty' or 'half-full'? More importantly, what is even 'in your glass,' and how long have you been holding on to it?

Big Kansas Road Trip
MAY 2-5, 2019

Marci Penner, Director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, made a gracious offer to Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace Counties to hold the 2nd Annual Big Kansas Road Trip in NW Kansas and the offer was accepted. WOW! What an awesome opportunity to showcase our communities to the rest of Kansas and beyond.

Are We Ready?

Plans for the Big Kansas Road Trip are moving fast and our Visitors will be here before we know it. For anyone who wants to improve their customer service skills (Businesses or Individuals), the Kansas Tourism Office offers an online course in Customer Service called Kansas At Your Service. There is no charge and a Certificate of Completion can be printed off at the end. The course can be accessed at www.travelks.com/.../kansas-at-your-service.This statewide standardized customer service training, emphasizes the importance of quality customer service and equips employees of Kansas with tools and resources to better serve our visitors.

Is our First Impression good to go, or do we have some sprucing up to do? Both Bird City and St. Francis participated in the First Impressions Program where we exchanged places with another community who visited us and told what us what was good about our communities and what needed improvement. Maybe an area needed a bit of sprucing up with a coat of paint, trash needed to be picked up, dead trees needed to be removed, or signs needed to be re-painted or installed so Visitors could easily navigate our cities. Please do your part to make a great First Impression.

Each county will have an Information Center where final schedules and other information will be available. Notebooks for Visitors to sign will also be available. The Cheyenne County location will be the Cheyenne County Museum on US Highway 36 in St. Francis. There will be a large BKRT Banner at this location. This is next to the Rest Area which is also the Kansas Official Information Kiosk which will have additional flyers and brochures.

12,000 copies of the 52 page Big Kansas Road Trip magazine are being published and distributed around Kansas and beyond. This will include information about the BKRT, maps of the counties and a calendar of events. The publication is expected to be available to the public in late March.

If you missed getting your events, open houses, tours, etc. for submission in the magazine, there is still time to submit your information for the Final Schedule which will be available during the BKRT. The submission deadline is by April 15, 2019, to CCDC at P.O. Box 255 St. Francis, Kansas 67756 or e-mailed to director@ccdcks.com. As soon as your submission is received, it will be also be submitted for website publication.

Visitors will get to experience 2 Time Zones. All events will be listed with Central and Mountain Times.

Follow the Big Kansas Road Trip (BKRT) on (and Like) facebook-@bigkansasroadtrip.com; Twitter and instagram-@bigkansasroadtrip.com. http://www.kansassampler.org-Big Kansas Road Trip.

At last, but very important. This event is held to bring visitors into our communities to experience what we have to offer, the way we live, our quality of life and available opportunities. The BKRT is also for local residents to get out and see what's happening in Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace counties, so make plans to attend the event on May 2-5, 2019.

What is the UAS Tech Forum?
The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Tech Forum will take place Aug. 21 & 22, 2019 at the Tony's Pizza Events Center, 800 The Midway, Salina, KS, 67401.
The UAS Tech Forum is a gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, tech transfer professionals, economic development officials and other service providers in the UAS industry. The event features tech presentations, valuable networking with attendees and exhibitors, potential investment opportunities, thought-provoking panel discussions and relevant keynote speakers.
Who should attend the UAS Tech Forum?
  • Small- to mid-sized companies and advanced manufacturers that seek to grow with the help of technology, researchers, licensees, developers, federal lab and university tech transfer officers;

  • Entrepreneurs who recognize the potential of the UAS industry and the talent that exists in the Oklahoma-Kansas region;

  • Researchers interested in learning about new FAA regulations and creating a UAS company;

  • Service providers looking to help develop and bring resources to UAS companies; and

  • Industry leaders looking to build interest and collaborations in the industry in a variety of categories.

The event is part of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative (UASCI) for the Oklahoma and Kansas region, a collaboration funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The Tech Forum and the Cluster Initiative are managed by Development Capital Networks (DCN), an Oklahoma City-based company (www.dcnteam.com). Host organizations for the Tech Forum include: Salina Community Economic Development Organization, Kansas State Polytechnic University, city of Salina, Kansas Department of Transportation - Division of Aviation, Salina Airport Authority, Salina Area Chamber of Commerce, and Saline County.
In addition to the upcoming Tech Forum, the UASCI has supported SBIR/STTR workshops on behalf of startup UAS companies. It has supported events from other organizations that have provided networking and business opportunities for people involved or interested in the UAS industry. The UASCI has also promoted the industry to potential investors and created UAS events in finance and manufacturing. As a result of this and other work, the SBA has renewed its partnership with the UASCI for another year.
For more information about the UASCI and the UAS Tech Forum visit, http://www.uascluster.com
Amanda Radovic aradovic@dcnteam.com
Josh O'Brien jobrien@dcnteam.com
Harve Allen hallen@dcnteam.com

After the Big Kansas Road Trip
The Big Kansas Road Trip 2019 Event is over, but people will still come to visit and Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace Counties will continue to get mention in various publications. It was a great 4 days and visitors and residents all had a great time.

Some comments from visitors included the ones below:

The Arikaree Breaks, the most amazing geological formation you can imagine. You'll definitely think you're somewhere besides Kansas when you turn the corner to the drastic ravines and valleys cut into the earth.

"This scenery is amazing! Next National Park? I'd be willing to bet on it.
Arikaree Breaks"

Our trek into far northwest Kansas also took us to the incredible Arikaree Breaks in Cheyenne County. The dirt road drive through wheat fields and pasture land suddenly opened up to the beautiful canyons and amazing vistas. This alone was well worth the trip.

The Arikaree Breaks is a true Kansas Wonderland.

A dusk stroll at the Keller Pond and River Walk that hugs the Republican River, is a great area for birding.

A couple who discovered the Big Kansas Road Trip were thrilled because they didn't have to call ahead and set up a bunch of appointments. It was already done for them.

Small towns are like a modern-day time capsule, offering a rare peek inside the architecture, commerce, people and pastimes that pre-date the urban era.

Horse Thief Cave, a total surprise and great stop for photos...after crawling through barbed wire.

Three Corners, a spot in the Northwest corner where we could be in three states at once: Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. Super cool, huh?

Lunch and killer coffee was from Fresh Seven Coffee.

Wright's Sunflower Oil Tour was a real eye-opener. Who knew that such a small farm could produce such a large amount of sunflower oil. Such gracious hosts and the treats were delicious.

We are Museum fans so the Cheyenne County Museum didn't disappoint. They've done a spectacular job of grouping their treasures in an organized fashion and making it a great experience.

The St. Francis Motorcycle Museum was freaking awesome! Their collection is around 120 bikes, some dating back to the early 1900's. I loved the steampunk look of the old bikes. The museum was packed! Great energy there.

Caddy Shack at Riverside did a fine job of feeding us and provided top notch service.

At Bird City, we were warmly greeted by Jill at City Hall, a beautifully restored 1936 WPA building. With a warm smile and welcoming manner, she directed us to a city park complete with a swimming pool, several great restaurants, and a free community gym.

In St. Francis, we strolled downtown boutiques, and were entertained by a young girl dancing on a downtown sidewalk.

Lesser known facts that came to light included, among other things, that the voice of the Jolly Green Giant, Len Dressler, and astronaut Ron Evans both hailed from St. Francis.

A trek to the Cherry Creek Encampment revealed a fascinating history connected with the sad story of the Sand Creek Massacre in southeast Colorado.

I couldn't get to see everything I wanted to however, I had a great time and got a lot of walking in. Saint Francis artist studio tour was great.

The day ended with us wishing we had just a little more time to explore the wonders of Cheyenne County.

The event's goal is to help us see Kansas with new eyes. Previously we had only ever driven through this part of the state. We learned this is far from drive-through country and found the friendliest folks we have ever encountered, "all excited to share their communities."

Folks that signed in at the various places in Cheyenne County were from Arkansas, Indiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Costa Rica, Sweden, Italy, Brazil and all over Kansas.

Everyone-Thank you so much for your participation getting ready for the BKRT, during the event and the wonderful hospitality shown to those not familiar with our part of Kansas. You put on a fantastic show, one that people will talk about for a long time.

©2019 Cheyenne County Development Corporation
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