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For a day or a lifetime, come to Cheyenne County! Old fashioned values combined with 21st Century technology make Cheyenne County a destination for all ages. Wide-open spaces and friendly faces where business is still done on a hand shake. Award winning schools. Special events. Excellent healthcare. Vibrant entrepreneurship. The life you've dreamed of. Come home to Cheyenne County.....
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Director's Notes
After the Big Kansas Road Trip
The Big Kansas Road Trip 2019 Event is over, but people will still come to visit and Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace Counties will continue to get mention in various publications. It was a great 4 days and visitors and residents all had a great time.

Some comments from visitors included the ones below:

The Arikaree Breaks, the most amazing geological formation you can imagine. You’ll definitely think you’re somewhere besides Kansas when you turn the corner to the drastic ravines and valleys cut into the earth.

“This scenery is amazing! Next National Park? I’d be willing to bet on it.
Arikaree Breaks”

Our trek into far northwest Kansas also took us to the incredible Arikaree Breaks in Cheyenne County. The dirt road drive through wheat fields and pasture land suddenly opened up to the beautiful canyons and amazing vistas. This alone was well worth the trip.

The Arikaree Breaks is a true Kansas Wonderland.

A dusk stroll at the Keller Pond and River Walk that hugs the Republican River, is a great area for birding.

A couple who discovered the Big Kansas Road Trip were thrilled because they didn’t have to call ahead and set up a bunch of appointments. It was already done for them.

Small towns are like a modern-day time capsule, offering a rare peek inside the architecture, commerce, people and pastimes that pre-date the urban era.

Horse Thief Cave, a total surprise and great stop for photos...after crawling through barbed wire.

Three Corners, a spot in the Northwest corner where we could be in three states at once: Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. Super cool, huh?

Lunch and killer coffee was from Fresh Seven Coffee.

Wright’s Sunflower Oil Tour was a real eye-opener. Who knew that such a small farm could produce such a large amount of sunflower oil. Such gracious hosts and the treats were delicious.

We are Museum fans so the Cheyenne County Museum didn’t disappoint. They’ve done a spectacular job of grouping their treasures in an organized fashion and making it a great experience.

The St. Francis Motorcycle Museum was freaking awesome! Their collection is around 120 bikes, some dating back to the early 1900’s. I loved the steampunk look of the old bikes. The museum was packed! Great energy there.

Caddy Shack at Riverside did a fine job of feeding us and provided top notch service.

At Bird City, we were warmly greeted by Jill at City Hall, a beautifully restored 1936 WPA building. With a warm smile and welcoming manner, she directed us to a city park complete with a swimming pool, several great restaurants, and a free community gym.

In St. Francis, we strolled downtown boutiques, and were entertained by a young girl dancing on a downtown sidewalk.

Lesser known facts that came to light included, among other things, that the voice of the Jolly Green Giant, Len Dressler, and astronaut Ron Evans both hailed from St. Francis.

A trek to the Cherry Creek Encampment revealed a fascinating history connected with the sad story of the Sand Creek Massacre in southeast Colorado.

I couldn’t get to see everything I wanted to however, I had a great time and got a lot of walking in. Saint Francis artist studio tour was great.

The day ended with us wishing we had just a little more time to explore the wonders of Cheyenne County.

The event’s goal is to help us see Kansas with new eyes. Previously we had only ever driven through this part of the state. We learned this is far from drive-through country and found the friendliest folks we have ever encountered—all excited to share their communities.”

Folks that signed in at the various places in Cheyenne County were from Arkansas, Indiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Costa Rica, Sweden, Italy, Brazil and all over Kansas.

Everyone-Thank you so much for your participation getting ready for the BKRT, during the event and the wonderful hospitality shown to those not familiar with our part of Kansas. You put on a fantastic show—one that people will talk about for a long time.

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