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Angle RV Parking
1365 Angle Road St. Francis, KS 67756
18 Full Service Hooks, plus Laundry and Shower Facilities

Flemming Lodge
Flemming Lodge
4 bedrooms
Doug at 785-332-8432

Sanctuary Guest House
Call for reservations 785-332-5122.

St. Francis Home
Available for rent is this 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home in St. Francis.
Call Candi Douthit at 785-332-0068 for details.

Y Knot Farm & Ranch
Ready to live the experience?
Y Knot Ranch offers that opportunity! Located just down the road from the ranch headquarters is the farm's private Airbnb.
3 bedrooms with amenities for 6 people in a private home. Enjoy the breathtaking view; night skies, short grass prairie, and scenic landscape. 3 hours from Denver. Opportunity to tour the organic operation including, but not limited to; hoop house, over 1000 acres of grazing and crop land, herd of over 100 Belted Galloway that will love to greet you, and much more. Book today at https://abnb.me/2EvftMCgPT. Live the experience, learn the agriculture side of your world!

Bird City, Kansas

TNT RV Parking
9 Full Service RV Hookups on grassy lot
2865 Highway 36
Bird City, Kansas 67731

The Spencer House Bed & Breakfast
110 E. Spencer St.
St. Francis, Kansas 67756
TripAdvisor and Yelp

The Jackson Suite
217 W. Jackson St.
St. Francis, Kansas 67756
Private residence on one level with 2 bedrooms, living/dining area, & full kitchen.

Tree Claim Cottage
Vacation House or Short Term Rental with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, fully furnished kitchen and laundry room. Great for out of town guests, hunters, or those needing some R&R.
550 Road U
St. Francis, Kansas 67756
Contact Troy or Kary Meyer at 785-332-5371

Homesteader Motel with RV Hookups
410 W. Business Highway 36
St. Francis, Kansas 67756
785-332-2168 Office
785-332-8607 Cell

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