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For a day or a lifetime, come to Cheyenne County! Old fashioned values combined with 21st Century technology make Cheyenne County a destination for all ages. Wide-open spaces and friendly faces where business is still done on a hand shake. Award winning schools. Special events. Excellent healthcare. Vibrant entrepreneurship. The life you've dreamed of. Come home to Cheyenne County.....
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Director's Notes
Big Kansas Road Trip
MAY 2-5, 2019

Marci Penner, Director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, made a gracious offer to Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace Counties to hold the 2nd Annual Big Kansas Road Trip in NW Kansas and the offer was accepted. WOW! What an awesome opportunity to showcase our communities to the rest of Kansas and beyond.

Are We Ready?

Plans for the Big Kansas Road Trip are moving fast and our Visitors will be here before we know it. For anyone who wants to improve their customer service skills (Businesses or Individuals), the Kansas Tourism Office offers an online course in Customer Service called Kansas At Your Service. There is no charge and a Certificate of Completion can be printed off at the end. The course can be accessed at www.travelks.com/.../kansas-at-your-service.This statewide standardized customer service training, emphasizes the importance of quality customer service and equips employees of Kansas with tools and resources to better serve our visitors.

Is our First Impression good to go, or do we have some sprucing up to do? Both Bird City and St. Francis participated in the First Impressions Program where we exchanged places with another community who visited us and told what us what was good about our communities and what needed improvement. Maybe an area needed a bit of sprucing up with a coat of paint, trash needed to be picked up, dead trees needed to be removed, or signs needed to be re-painted or installed so Visitors could easily navigate our cities. Please do your part to make a great First Impression.

Each county will have an Information Center where final schedules and other information will be available. Notebooks for Visitors to sign will also be available. The Cheyenne County location will be the Cheyenne County Museum on US Highway 36 in St. Francis. There will be a large BKRT Banner at this location. This is next to the Rest Area which is also the Kansas Official Information Kiosk which will have additional flyers and brochures.

12,000 copies of the 52 page Big Kansas Road Trip magazine are being published and distributed around Kansas and beyond. This will include information about the BKRT, maps of the counties and a calendar of events. The publication is expected to be available to the public in late March.

If you missed getting your events, open houses, tours, etc. for submission in the magazine, there is still time to submit your information for the Final Schedule which will be available during the BKRT. The submission deadline is by April 15, 2019, to CCDC at P.O. Box 255 St. Francis, Kansas 67756 or e-mailed to director@ccdcks.com. As soon as your submission is received, it will be also be submitted for website publication.

Visitors will get to experience 2 Time Zones. All events will be listed with Central and Mountain Times.

Follow the Big Kansas Road Trip (BKRT) on (and Like) facebook-@bigkansasroadtrip.com; Twitter and instagram-@bigkansasroadtrip.com. www.kansassampler.org-Big Kansas Road Trip.

At last, but very important. This event is held to bring visitors into our communities to experience what we have to offer, the way we live, our quality of life and available opportunities. The BKRT is also for local residents to get out and see what’s happening in Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace counties, so make plans to attend the event on May 2-5, 2019.

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